Summer Knitting

Summer knitting.  Quite possibly the best time of the year.  Long days of sunshine and ample time to get all the adulting done with yet still enough time to knit for a good stretch.  My latest habit is to queue up a B rated movie and sit for a few late afternoon hours with a project.

In years past I have spent my summers knitting lightweight shawls and shawlettes - in a variety of lace and textured patterns.  One summer I did almost exclusively socks.  I love the start and finish of a project, and this was a great way to reward myself with many quick and easy projects.

But now my drawers are full of finished objects, my family and friends all have enough knitted items to cover their neck, shoulders, and feet for years to come.  I'll write more in a future post with my dilemma about what to do with all these lovelies, but for now I know I need to shift my focus.

So on the needles at the moment is a worsted weight cardigan and a DK weight shawl.  The cardigan is a special treat of knitting for me, the shawl is a part of Laura Aylor's year long KAL.  I also have an ambitious brioche project on the needles - but it's not calling to me at the moment.  I think I cast that one on too soon after completing a very similar project, so it's in a time out.

My problem is that I want to set it all aside and cast on a lacy shawlette designed for a single skein of pretty, and I have so many single skein pretties in my stash that are screaming to be knit.  I'm fighting the urge - and every day inching closer to losing.  Maybe I need to pull the brioche out of hibernation?  A day or two on that should get me back on track.  Maybe?  But I want to have my cardigan done for those chilly nights and I want to stay on track with the KAL.  Argh!  Knitter problems.

For now I'm off to face a beautiful Saturday with high heat, mild humidity, and endless possibilities.