The Beginning

So this is shawl that started it all.  Well, not really - but it did catalyze me to get my act in gear.

I have had a desire to share my adventures in knitting with an audience that may find me and have interest.  So much so that I secured my domain and my user names with all the social media places, but then not quite enough to actually get my act in gear to get going.

I am pretty religious about using the Ravelry database for all my knitting projects, and recently finished the shawl you see above.  I shared it with the KnitCrate group on that site and moved on with my life.  Not unlike many other shawls and projects I've completed.  However, last night the KnitCrate owner asked if he could share my photo on their Instagram account, or if I had already posted it to allow them to share it.  I hadn't posted it - part of my issue is that my personal accounts are focused on other aspects of my life and I have, for the most part, kept my knitting to a small circle of family and friends.  

What better time to get started on knitting more publicly than to launch my blog and my accounts with this shawl?  None I tell you!  So here we are at the beginning.

My plans right now are to use this as a platform to share my work, my purchases, my experiences with the fiber arts, specially knitting.  I am not a dyer, I am a buyer of indie dyed yarns.  If you want to see the variety of dyers and yarn bases I explore you are in the right place.  Want to learn how to dye?  Not here.  I also do not design.  I have no plans to attempt to design.  I am perfectly content to knit other designer's patterns and showcase my work here.  Maybe you'll find an inspiring design and want to take it on yourself - I'll have the link to where you can find it.

I think this will be a mix of real time experience, retrospection on my journey up to now, and hopefully a blend of information, insight, and humor.  I'd love to hear your feedback as we go - and look forward to opening a whole new world for myself.

For now I leave you with my current project in progress.